Our Promise

What You Need to Know About Companies That Promise to Buy Your House for Cash

You’ve probably seen the commercials and online ads for companies that say, “We buy your house for cash.” It sounds like a great deal. You don’t have to work at selling your home, and someone just comes and gives you cash for it. What’s not to like? Before you agree to the deal, though, you’ll want to be sure of what you’re really getting. Not all of these kinds of companies are legit.

How We Are Different

Our company will come out to your home and make you a cash offer on it. Of course, we won’t show up with a briefcase full of money. We will generally provide a bank check when the deal closes. It’s much faster than selling your home the traditional way, and you won’t have buyers showing up at inconvenient times. We buy homes and fix them up and resell them for a profit.

What Kind of Offer Will You Get?

The offer you get will depend on a few factors. The market, the appraised value of the home, and the company you’re working with all play a role in the price that you’ll be offered for your home. Keep in mind that the company isn’t buying your home to live in. They have to make money. With that in mind, the company will offer you an amount that’s lower than what your house is actually worth. How much lower will depend on how much work the company feels it needs to do versus what it believes your house will sell for after that work is done.

Are These Companies Scams?

Companies that buy houses for cash generally aren’t scams. They work by “flipping” houses. When they buy them at a low price, they can make repairs and improvements and sell the homes at a higher price. Of course, they take on the risk of the home not selling. The big companies that do this type of work are good at determining value and the amount of work needed, so they can make money quickly and relatively easily. If you’re concerned about the honesty of a company that offers to buy your home for cash, check that company out thoroughly before you agree to anything.